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SSH on Extreme and Cisco Devices

Enable SSH on Extreme Devices

A key will be generated. To upload a public key simply use sftp or scp to upload key. But be sure to change the extension to .ssh for example id_rsa.pub will be id_rsa.ssh on the switch. Also you can assign a key to a user by simply appending the username to the key file for example admin.id_rsa.pub.

Extreme switches have a limitation of only being able to use RSA or DSA keys. Recommend to use RSA 2048

Enabling SSH on an Extreme Switch

enable ssh2

Chaning SSH port

enable ssh2 port tcp 766

Enable SSH on VR-Mgmt Only

enable ssh2 vr VR-Mgmt

Enable SSH On Cisco Devices

Add hostname to the device

ip domain-name ex.cisco.com

Generate SSH Key for device

crypto key generate rsa

Chose SSH Key size

Default is 512 but 1024 is better

Change SSH version

ssh version 2

Add a username and password for SSH access

username admin secret admin123

Configure the lines which will have SSH access

line vty 0 15 or line vty 0 2

Enable SSH on enable lines

transport input ssh

Keep SSH to local logins

login local

Save config

copy run start