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Region One Cybersecurity Summit 2019

Region One hosted a Cybersecurity Summit for 2019 in Edinburg, TX. The event was free and I signed up to attend. It was a great event that had many great presenters. The theme of the summit was Cybersecurity on a regional level. Here are some of the talks I attended and the takeaways I got from them.

Reduce Your Cybersecurity Risk and Get Complaint with SB 820

โ€“ Develop Policy: use already established policies as blueprints โ€“ Items to invest in: Malware protection/Endpoint protection, Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Spam Filtering, Log Monitoring

Sharpen your Cybersecurity Skills in 1 Hour

โ€“ Leverage free courses

โ€“ Practice as much as possible (1 hour a day)

โ€“ Find and compete in Cybersecurity competitions

Ransomware: How to Detect, Prevent, and Respond

โ€“ โ€œNot a matter of If but Whenโ€

โ€“ Leverage immutable storage

โ€“ Develop strategies and policies.

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