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Moved my site to Github!

I recently decided to move away from Gitlab. There was a bit of news around Gitlab closing free accounts which I think is a fair business move by Gitlab. Businesses need to make money after all. Most of the internet decided that Gitlab as evil for doing this. But I didn’t in fact I think it’s for the best. Since I was barely even using my Gitlab account and most importantly I wasn’t paying for any services I felt that I was cheating Gitlab. So to help them I decided to move to Github. This is shaky reasoning at best but I want Gitlab to succeed and me draining resources and not paying won’t help.

Now there are a lot of FOSS project hosted on Gitlab which still leaves the possibility of interacting with Gitlab. I think this is for the best for now. Github doesn’t really care if you use up a free account. Now I know Github has it’s privacy and freedom respecting issues. But this where each individual person has to asses for themselves. For now I moved to Githb and will do what I can to promote Gitlab.