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Conducting Cybersecurity Investigations in Emacs

Emacs + Orgmode + Cybersecurity = Winning

I work as a Cybersecurity Analyst and I use Emacs as my primary note taking application. Naturally I have developed some techniques and writing practices around my work and the use of Emacs aids in the process. I think the power of Emacs and Orgmode are a winning combination for the type of work I do. So let me share with you a some of the templates I created that help me in getting work done!

The Investigation Template

Recently, I published my templates on Github. Let’s take a look at my Investigations template.

Creating notes on investigations


 * Investigations
 * * IN-PROGRESS Investigation#: Suspicious Powershell Command  Date Created: 20230101
:export_file_name: 20230101_investigation_suspciouspowershell

Here I am laying out the main information about this document. I set a title, author, and email address. I also include information about the date it was created and what the status of the to-do item is. In the properties drawer, I include an export_file_name section, so I can carefully curate my export to HTML or whatever I want.

The meat and bones

 * * * Vendor
Super Duper Cybers Corps.
 *** Title
Suspicious Powershell Command Executed by Finance Department
 *** Assigned:
Eduardo Robles
 *** Contacts
- Cyber Team
- Eduardo Robles
 *** Description
Our IDR logged an a suspicious Powershell command executed from the Finance department.
 *** Questions
1. Was this an intentional execution?
2. What is the purpose of the Powershell command?
3. Did anyone verify with I.T department regarding the Powershell command in question?
 *** Solutions [%]
- [ ] Investigate the origin of the Powershell command
- [ ] Speak with employee who's work station is in question and their supervisor
- [ ] Flag the Powershell command as suspicious
 *** Notes
 *** Debug/Troubleshooting Logs
 *** Email/Chat Logs


In this portion, I include as many details as I can about the ongoing investigation. These notes usually end up as a report that I hand into upper management. So I have to be as descriptive as I can be.

I tend to use org-contacts in my Contacts section to make it easier to show email address when I export my content to HTML. In the Solutions section I include org-checkboxes so I can keep track of work. In my Notes, Debug+Troubleshooting Logs, and Email+Chat Logs sections I take advantage of LOGBOOK to create timestamped notes of events.

It’s all about writing it down

Alerts are constant in my line of work. So it’s easy to get distracted and disorganized with all the noise. Developing a practice of consistently writing out notes is key to finding calm in all the noise. I developed this template after a lot of trial and error. And I am still working on them but for now they work for me. The best part is that they modular. Use what works and add or remove what doesn’t.

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